The maintenance of fine art prints is as important as the production process. Framing is one of the most effective methods in protecting the prints. Besides using archival materials when framing, the quality of the frame can be prolonged through appropriate hanging, handling, and cleaning.


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When it comes to packing for shipping whether locally or internationally, it is essential to ensure that the framed artworks are carefully and safely packed to prevent and minimize any risk during the transportation. In VG-Lab we use acrylic glass or usually known as plexiglass instead of glass for the glazing of the frame. Plexiglass is lighter and more durable than glass, making it less susceptible to breaking when shipping. Besides, acrylic allows more than 90% of light to pass through, so blur does not affect the viewing experience.

To finish the package for shipping, we need to pay attention to the wrapping. We wrap framed artworks in 2 layers to prevent further impact: Polyethylene Foam (PE Foam) is used as the first layer and the outside layer is bubble wrap. After wrapping, we pack the framed artworks with cardboard (or in a wooden/cardboard box if the customers specifically require). Lastly, caution tape is used to seal the shipment.

It is best to carry the framed artwork with 2 hands on each side of the frame to distribute the weight evenly. When carrying a heavy frame, there should be 2 people holding each side of the frame.

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