Art digitalization

Art digitization is the process of photographing/scanning a painting/photo for the purpose of reproduction, archiving or research.

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Years of experience

VG-Lab has experience in digitizing and re-producing paintings of many local and international artists. The VG-Lab team are experienced photographers who are also experts in lighting control. Therefore, VG-Lab's digitizing process is always highly accurate, and color calibration is always done in a methodical manner. Reproductions are printed in color as closely as possible to the original paintings.

For each digitization job, the cost is calculated based on the actual size of the original work and the resolution of the digital file(s). A high-quality digital file is expertly created and calibrated, resulting in color reproduction as close to the original as possible.

Each finished digitized work includes a fully edited digital file.

Disclaimer: We respect copyright law, so for each request to digitize and re-produce an artwork, the customer will be informed of the right to use the intellectual property (the artwork), and they must solely responsible for the use of copyright.

The time to complete the digitization is about 2 working weeks, you can start by submitting a request for digitization in the form below.