The process of digitizing and reprinting paintings

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In the digital era, when more and more artifacts and documents have been digitized, works of art are no exception. The digitization of works of art is not to replace the original work, but mainly for research, backup and promotion purposes, without having to affect or damage the original piece. Today, VG-Lab would like to introduce the process of digitizing and republishing its paintings, hoping to share a little experience for friends.

Digitization process

The digitization process is the process of scanning or photographing an original art work. VG-Lab choose photography to digitize the works, because when taking pictures, we have absolute control over the color, light and sharpness of the work.

And most of all, the process of taking pictures minimizes the risk of damage to paintings, because when taking pictures, paintings do not have any direct impact on the surface, very safe when digitizing precious paintings.

Advanced photography setup using Fujifilm GFX100  Fujifilm Vietnam

Technical standards when art capturing:

  1. Shooting in controlled lighting conditions: We use a flash system from Switzerland called broncolor, with an extremely stable color temperature at 5500 degrees K.
  2. Create color profiles for each shot: Once the picture has been taken in stable lighting conditions, it becomes easier to control precise colors, we use the x-rite colorchecker’s color profile creation process. Doing so, the picture file will achieve almost absolute color accuracy, and if anything needs to be edited, the job will be easier.
  3. Build large resolution files with the original: With pictures from A3 size and below, reconstructing the file size is very simple, as most professional cameras on the market are capable of doing this. However, with larger pictures, we have to use photo merging technique, that is, combining many small files to form one large file using Photoshop techniques.
Sử dụng x-rite colorcheck để tạo profile màu cho buổi chụp. Giúp định hướng màu chính xác khi xử lý hậu kỳ.
The file is large (>500MB), the original print size of the file is 112×123 cm (300PPI), the resolution is about 190 megapixels. This picture file is merged from 20 small files taken from Fujifilm X-pro2 (Standard setup at VG-Lab)

If the above three standards are maintained, the paintings will be digitized accurately in color and achieve high sharpness. This will make it much easier to research or reproduce.

The process of reproducing paintings

Reproduction of paintings is copy one painting to multiple editions, with strict standards from the similarity of materials, color accuracy and durability compared to the original.

When the digitization process is done, the re-printing of a painting actually consists of only the following steps: choosing a printer, printing material, printing size and number of editions.

VG-Lab offers variety options for papers and only the highest quality material selection in the world, from Hahnemuhle and ILFORD. In addition, with sophisticated printing techniques and specific instructions on printing materials for each customer, coming to VG-Lab, customers can rest assured that they will receive perfect prints.

danny bach master printer
Các sản phẩm in của VG-Lab luôn được thực hiện trong môi trường kiểm soát chất lượng cao.

In summary, in this article, VG-Lab has provided some basic criteria to achieve accuracy and sharpness in the process of digitizing and reprinting paintings. Hopefully, it can help you understand more about the standards of digitization and reprinting that are being implemented in the art world today. By doing so, the research and promotion of rare and precious paintings will be easier than before.


Disclaimer: We respect copyright law, so for each request to digitize and re-produce an artwork, the customer will be informed of the right to use the intellectual property (the artwork), and they must solely responsible for the use of copyright.


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