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Nowadays, besides creating artworks, artists also need to mind about the values of their works, asserting their rightful place in the art market; at the same time, still have to maintain their artists’ reputation. As a place that is dedicated to and for the artists, VG-Lab suggests ILFORD’s limited print authentication solution as a suitable method to accomplish this goal. Creating  a set of limited edition prints is relatively new practice in Vietnam but in other parts of the world, it is already an outlet for artists. Besides helping artists with production planning of their limited edition prints (including sizing, editioning, and paper choices), as a certified print lab by ILFORD, VG-Lab can also provide print authentication services.  At the moment, VG-Lab is the only printing lab in Vietnam that has been authorised by ILFORD to open their authentication portal.
ILFORD print certification set includes: 1 pair of holograms with an unique code (including 1 gold hologram and 1 silver hologram), accompanied by 1 ILFORD certification document as shown on the side. The information often required in the document includes: 
  • Title:
  • Artist:
  • Size:
  • Edition number:
  • Hologram number:
  • Printing method:
  • Paper medium:
  • Description:
The signature of the artist and logo of VG-Lab show the commitment to the quality of the prints as well as to the artist’s reputation.   
Prints Authentication Service
By going through this process, each limited edition print has a clear and transparent authentication record. Thus, it is easier for collectors to appraise and trace the origin of their artworks in the future.  To know more about the print certification service, please schedule a visit with VG-Lab.
Note: ILFORD’s authentication service is only applicable on ILFORD printed materials.

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