Some of you might have known, we do not only provide printing service, but we also provide prints archiving and presentation solutions to our clients. That is the reason why we will be distributing frame moulding profiles from reputable brands in Vietnam and international.

We proudly introduce our first exquisite frame profile:


The frame is made of aluminium: 1cm wide face and 3.5cm deep.

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The advantages of aluminium frames:

  • Lightweight yet still strong, up to the size of 60x90cm.
  • Resistant to acid, airborne pollution.
  • Premium feel.

Available colors: Black or silver

Available framing levels: Commended, Conservation and Museum


Khung kim loại ILFORD màu đen. (Ảnh: Viên Trương)
Black ILFORD metal frame. (Photography: Viên Trương)
Khung kim loại ILFORD màu bạc. (Ảnh: Viên Trương)
Black ILFORD metal frame. (Photography: Viên Trương)

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