Introducing Hahnemuhle Bamboo 290gsm

Bamboo 290 is the eco-friendly paper from Hahnemuhle, it is made of 90% bamboo fibre and 10% cotton fibre. The Bamboo paper has a warm tone, creating a timeless feel for both colors and black & white images or illustrations.

Last but not least, Bamboo is certified ISO 9706, museum quality for highest age resistance.

In 2020, Hahnemuhle Bamboo won “Best Inkjet Photo Paper” in TIPA Word Award

Technical specs:

– Basic weight: 290g/m²

– Foundation: 90% Bamboo, 10% Cotton

– Thickness: 0.5 mm

– Surface type: Smooth Matte

Close up shot of Hahnemuhle Bamboo 290gsm:

The close up of Bamboo 290gsm surface


You can learn more about this paper on Hahnemuhle’s official web page: CLICK HERE



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