Commended level is one of 5 levels of framing. The 5 levels of framing indicates the aesthetic and durability of the frame. Different levels require different materials and perhaps, different techniques. The high standard craftsmanship remains the same, regardless of the framing levels.

Commended framing guarantees a degree of protection, with design playing an important part.


Objective – To visually enhance artwork and offer a moderate level of protection from airborne pollution and acid damage for around five years in normal conditions*.


VG-Lab framing package – Commended level



  • Frame mouldings: available options include composite (plastic), wood or aluminium.
  • Glazing: available options include regular glass, acrylic or anti-reflection 1.5 mm Plexiglas .
  • Matboard: unbranded matboard (available in different colors).
  • Mount board: aluminium composite panel or acid-free foam-core for bigger size frames. Artwork is hinged to the mount board using LINECO acid-free tape.


After assemble, the frame package is sealed using special tape, prevent humidity, dirt and insects to get inside the frame.


Samples images


Front view – real frame might look different based on clients’ requirements.


Back view – real frame might look different based on clients’ requirements.


*The term ‘normal conditions’ as used in the Guild’s standards means out of direct sunlight, within the temperature range 10°C – 25°C and relative humidity between 40% and 60%. As we are aware of not many frames can be displayed in such conditions, therefore we recommend our clients to get your frame check-up for every three years (Or in case of any damage to the frame).

**Learn more about the 5 levels of framing in this link:


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