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Understanding photographic printing techniques

In mỹ thuật kỹ thuật số trên giấy dó.

Understanding photographic printing techniques

Knowing how your print was made will help you to understand its value and how to preserve it


To really understand your photograph, you will need to have a good idea of how it has been made. Knowing the techniques that have been used to create a print will help you to ensure you are paying a reasonable amount for it, care for it, and understand its changing value. However, the terms used to describe photography techniques can seem obscure, especially for new collectors. In the following pages, we outline some common print types that you are likely to encounter, with reference to the Visual Glossary created in partnership between Paris Photo and the ARCP (directed by Anne Cartier-Bresson).

The Visual Glossary is housed on the Paris Photo website and is available in both French and English. It is a helpful tool, detailing and illustrating both contemporary and classic techniques, and is continuously updated throughout the year. If you would like to read more extensively on different techniques, the glossary is a good place to start.

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